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What is Mean By Kidney Stone :

Kidneys are present in the back of the digestive tract . They are responsible for producing urine . The urine comprises of urea, salt and waste products from the body . So ,we can say that kidneys are responsible for throwing out the waste products from the body.

The kidneys are responsible and significant for  filtering the blood . They are connected to the bladder with the help of a tube called as urethra. The bladder stores the urine and gives peeing sensation when full.

Kidney stones are not literally stones in the kidney. But, they are crystals of hard deposits of minerals and salts. obstruct the path urine pain in peen. If treated in the early stages they can be passed out by using just water and some medications.

However, if they get lodged in the urinary tract of the person the urinary tract, They can cause infections which can take a long time to cure. If conditions are severe then kidney stone removal surgery is done.

Although , it sounds very serious , you can manage the kidney stones by following the home remedies and exercises discussed in this article.


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Symptoms of Kidney Stones :

Kidney stones show no symptoms unless they move around inside the kidney or pass to the ureters . If they get stuck in the ureters , they swell or spasm. At this point, you will experience these signs and symptoms :


  • Severe pain at the side and back below the ribs. The pain is sharp.
  • Lower abdominal pain. Pin is also experience din the groin region.
  • Pain during urinating. Difficulty to pass urine because of the pain.
  • Pink, red or brown colored urine.
  • Feeling the need for need of urination more frequently.
  • Foul smelling and cloudy urine.
  • Fever and chills there is any kind of an infection.


You should consult your doctor if you experience these signs and symptoms.


Seeking urgent medical attention is advised in the following conditions.


  • Severe pain that you cannot sit properly.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Fever and chills along with severe pain while urinating.
  • Blood while urinating.


Causes of Kidney Stone :

There are no definite cause for kidney stones. It depends on individual health of a person. 

It can occur if your urine contains a lot of calcium and oxalate crystals . Moreover, if your urine does not contain chemicals to prevent sticking of crystals.

It is also observed in people with excessive body weight , improper diet and insufficient intake of water. It can also get triggered if you take certain supplements. 

The exact cause  is unknown .However these can contribute to causing kidney stone.

The kidney stones are crystals of calcium oxalate and other minerals . It is the size of a sand grain and can be passed from the urine easily. However , if the crystals combine together to form a bigger crystal, they block the passage of urine.


Factors That Can Increase The Risk of Kidney Stone :

  • Family History : If someone in your family has kidney stone you may develop this condition
  • Dehydration
  • High proteins, high sugar and sodium containing diets.
  • Obesity : Large waist size and weight gain drastically may develop kidney stones.
  • Surgery : Gastric bypass surgery may increase the risk of kidney stones.
  • Medical Conditions : These include renal tubular acidosis, Urinary tract infections, hyperparathyroidism , cystinuria.

These conditions will most likely make you prone for developing kidney stones.


Types of Kidney Stones :

If you know the type of crystals, you can identify of the cause of crystals. Thus, you can identify the things of foods you should avoid or any other medications you should take to reduce reoccurrence.

If you pass kidney stones from the urine , be sure to keep the crystal if possible .This can help doctor identify the type of crystal.


There are Various Types of Kidney Stones :


Calcium Stones :

Calcium stones are in the form of calcium oxalate. Oxalate is made in your liver daily . It is also present in some fruits ,vegetables, nuts and even chocolate. The amount of oxalate can increase in your body if you take a Vitamin D supplements or have undergone surgery such as intestinal bypass. Moreover certain metabolic disorders can also increase the amount of calcium and oxalate in urine.

The calcium phosphate stones are formed due to metabolic conditions such as renal tubular acidosis.


Struvite Stones :

Struvite stone develop when there is a preexisting urinary tract infection. They grow quickly an aggregate to form larger crystals. The shoe very few symptoms.

Uric Acid Stones :

Uric acid stones may increase in ones body if the person has lost too much body fluid during a surgery or has chronic diarrhea. It can also happen in people who take high proteins diet or have certain metabolic conditions such as diabetes.


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Cystine Stones :

These stones occur in people who are hereditarily prone to a disorder called as cystinuria. This disorder causes you to pass certain amino acids through the urine.


Kidney Stones Treatment at Home :

By following these home remedies you can dissolve the kidney stones and prevent its reoccurrence:


Water For Kidney Stone :

Increase your water intake, so that it will help dissolving and passing the stones out of the body easily. You should try to drink 12 glasses of water than the usual 8 glasses. Moreover ,  if the crystal passes out ,you should continue with 12 glasses.

Dehydration is an important cause of kidney stones. Ordinarily, the color of urine is bright yellow to colorless. If you notice dark yellow color urine it is a sign of dehydration.


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Lemon Juice For Kidney Stone :

Citrus fruits such as lemons contain citrate or citric acid. Citric acid will prevent the formation of kidney stones. 

Add freshly squeezed lemon juice to a glass of water and drink the water through the day.

It is one kidney stone treatment at home.

Moreover, it contains vitamin C which inhibits bacterial growth.


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Basil Juice For Kidney Stone :

Basil is shown to have acetic acid . It breaks up the kidney stones and prevents aggregation. 

It also has anti inflammatory activity. 

This is why , basil is used traditionally for kidney stones . It has antioxidants too.

Use fresh or dried basil and add this to tea . Drink this concoction several times a day.

Although , you should not have basil for more than 6 weeks . This can lead to :


  • Decrease in blood sugar level
  • Decreased B.P
  • Decreased bleeding.


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Apple Cider Vinegar For Kidney Stone :

It has high amount acetic acid . This acetic acid dissolves kidney stones. It can also decrease pain during peeing. There are also other health benefits.

You can use it in the following way :

Add 2 Tbsp an apple cider vinegar to 8 to 10 of water. 

Drink this mixture throughout the day for relief from kidney stones.

However, you should avoid having larger amounts of ACV . this is because it can lead to osteoporosis and low levels of potassium.


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Celery Juice For Kidney Stone :

Celery juice clears away toxins from the body. These toxins  contribute to formation of kidney stones.

Blend stalks of celery with water. Drink this any time in the day. You should avoid this if you have the following conditions :


  • If you have any bleeding disorder   
  • Low B.P
  • A Surgery Scheduled.

It Can interact with some Drugs :

  • Levothyroxine
  • Lithium or lithane
  • Isotretinoin or other medications that increase sun sensitivity.
  • Sedatives or CNS depressants.


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Pomegranate For Kidney Stone :

Pomegranate has  a lot of antioxidants. They keep kidneys healthy and have shown to reduce kidney stones . They flush stones out of the body and also has a property of flushing out toxins from the body .


You should avoid pomegranate juice if you are taking the following medications :

  • medications metabolized by liver.
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Rosuvastatin.


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Kidney Beans For Kidney Stone :

Kidney beans should be taken as a broth. Boil some kidney beans and strain the water and drink it 2-3 times in the day.


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Horsetail For Kidney Stone :

Horse tail is a herb used for treatment of kidney stones. It contains antibacterial and antioxidant to aid overall kidney health. 

However , you should avoid using this for more than 6 weeks. They can cause seizures , decrease Vitamin B levels and potassium levels.


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Yoga for Treatment of Kidney Stones :

Yoga stretches and massages the internal organs of the body and this helps in  kidney stones treatment.

Here are some yoga poses to relieve pain and helps in passing of kidney stones .

Ushtra Asana Yoga For Kidney Stone :

It prevents kidney stones and steers away the symptoms too. It provides fresh surge of oxygen rich blood to the kidneys.

Steps :

Kneel on the knees and keep your hands sideways. Then bend backwards and hold the toes of the legs with your hands. Be in position for 10 seconds and breathe normally.


Uttanpadasana For Kidney Stone :

This pose strengthens the muscles of the back , legs , abdomen and pelvic area. It improves the functions of kidneys and relieves kidney stones.

Steps :

Lie on the back and keeps the legs together. Exhale and breathe calmly in this position then as you lift the legs straight up breathe. Keep your legs in 90 degrees to the ground and exhale slowly as you keep your legs down on the ground.


Pavanmuktasan For Kidney Stone :

This pose can help you improve digestion and it helps in relieving gases. It is also important in treatment of kidney stones.

Steps :

Lie down on your back and inhale as you bring your knees close to your chest. Hold the pose and exhale as you relax. Repeat this pose thrice.

Bhujanagasan For Kidney Stone :

Steps :

Lie on your stomach on the floor. Keep your palms on one another beneath your forward. Then inhale and lift your head and abdomen up in such a way that you bend your back. Stay in this position for sometime and repeat twice or thrice.


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