Diabetes : Symptoms, Causes, Diet and Effective Home Remedies Treatment and Diabetes Yoga


What is Diabetes : 

Diabetes is caused due to lack of secretion of Insulin by the pancreas or reduction in insulin sensitivity by the body. 

This insulin is essential for absorption of glucose by the body. 

This leads to high blood sugar levels for a long time eventually causing symptoms such as increase in thirst and appetite and a need to urinate often.

Diabetes has become a very common disease in the 21st century. This is because of rise of digitization or urbanization . Moreover, this leads to bad and lazy lifestyle. 

The prevalence of diabetes globally has shown to be 9.3% in 2019, estimated to go up to 10.2% by 2030. This means there are more people suffering from diabetes in the world than they ever were.

With the prevalence of this disease it becomes evident to be able to control it with some easy and efficient home remedies. 

These remedies are found to be complementing with the conventional treatment. Although this is the case doctor’s consultation is advised.



Diabetes : Effective home remedies and yoga


Types of Diabetes :


Diabetes mellitus is of mainly of three types :


Type 1 Diabetes :

Type 1 depends on insulin to cure it. In this type, the immune response kills the cells of the pancreas. Hence, this condition can be present in a person by birth itself or may occur in the later stages of his/her life.


Type 2 Diabetes :

Type 2 diabetes is very common . The cells do not respond to insulin .This increases the glucose levels in the blood. Lifestyle causes type 2 diabetes. Moreover, obesity also triggers diabetes.


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Gestational Diabetes :

It occurs in pregnant women with no history of diabetes due to insufficient insulin secretion by the pancreas or reduction in sensitivity of insulin by the body. When mother delivers the diabetes goes away.


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Symptoms of Diabetes :


Common Symptoms include :

  • Increase in weight loss
  • Appetite increases
  • Frequency of urination is high
  • Increase in thirst

Apart from these common symptoms there are other symptoms such as;

  • Weakness
  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Blurring of vision
  • Increase in healing time of cuts
  • Wounds and itching of skin.

In severe cases, Diabetic Ketoacidosis occurs which is characterized by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and breath smelling of acetone. Diabetes causes the metabolism to become abnormal. It is common in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus.


Causes of Diabetes :

There are different causative agents of diabetes. following is a type of diabetes.


Type 1 Diabetes :

In this type of diabetes auto immune response of the body leads to destruction of beta cells of the pancreas. Hence decrease in insulin production by the body. 

This type occurs in children. Hence the name "Juvenile diabetes".  Genetic inheritance is also a cause of this type. 

The main trigger factors of Type 1 diabetes are certain viral infections and environmental factors.

Type 2 Diabetes :

Type 2 is precipitated due to sedentary lifestyle, obesity (Body mass index greater than 30) and low physical activity. 

The cells develop resistance towards insulin and may later lead to low insulin secretion by the pancreas.  

Urbanization and increase in digitization contribute immensely to sedentary lifestyle as everything is just one click away. 

High carbohydrate intake should be avoided.

Gestational Diabetes :

It occurs due to decrease in sensitivity to insulin by body cells and reduction in insulin secretion during pregnancy. It is completely curable and may disappear after delivery.


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Effective Home Remedies and Treatment For Diabetes :

Herbal remedies effective against diabetes when taken along with conventional treatment. However, it is advised to consult a physician before taking any of the natural home remedies.


Some of the remedies which are easily available around us are as follows :

Bitter Gourd For Diabetes :

Bitter gourd has blood sugar lowering property. It contains charantin and insulin like polypeptide-P which has shown to have blood sugar lowering properties.

Having bitter gourd juice early in the morning reduces blood sugar level.


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Fenugreek For Diabetes :

Fenugreek seeds should be soaked overnight and taken on empty stomach in the morning. It is very common spice in Indian households. 

It reduces blood glucose levels and an improvement in glucose tolerance is seen.


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Apple Cider Vinegar For Diabetes :

apple cider vinegar is shown to have blood sugar lowering property. It should be taken as 2 teaspoons in one glass of water at night time. 

This has shown to decrease fasting blood sugar levels. Hence it is effective in diabetes.


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Aloe Vera For Diabetes :

Aloe Vera reduces blood sugar levels and increases sensitivity of insulin to the cells. It is very effective and can be taken in the form of a juice.


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Cinnamon For Diabetes :

Helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Moreover, it is very flavorful . You can have cinnamon in the form of a tea.

Take half inch of cinnamon stick and add it to water. Boil this water for some . In addition to cinnamon also add some ginger for taste. Drink it regularly.

It lowers blood sugar. Hence it is very effective.


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Amla or Gooseberry For Diabetes :

Amla contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C lowers blood sugar and increases sensitivity to insulin. Make pickle or juice from Amla. 

You can use Amla in the following way :

Take Amla and extract its juice. Drink this juice by diluting with water.

It lowers diabetes. Moreover, it gives cooling effect and refreshes you.

You can have this drink early in the morning on empty stomach.


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Zinc For Diabetes :

Zinc deficiency can be one of the causes of diabetes. Hence enriching your diet with Zinc containing foods will help in management of diabetes. 

Legumes like chickpeas, beans and lentils should be included in the diet and Any zinc supplements should be taken only after consulting your physician.

Drumsticks For Diabetes :

Drumsticks lower blood sugar levels as they contain Vitamin C.

You can use it as follows :

Take half a drumstick and add it to water. Sip this water as you go through the day. Moreover, you can include drumsticks in curries and soups.

Bottle Gourd For Diabetes :

Bottle gourd is the best vegetable for any disease. It has a number of benefits.

You can use bottle gourd as follows :

Take half bottle gourd and peel it . After that, add it to the mixer and strain it to get juice.

It is very tasty and refreshing . Moreover it is known Its use as antidiabetic is mentioned in Ayurveda as complementary treatment.

The juice tastes like cucumber juice. However, you should be careful if the bottle gourd is bitter. Bitter bottle gourds are generally not good for health. It can sometimes lead to serious effects.


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Yoga for Diabetes Management :

Yoga has been an essential part of treatment in ancient Indian medicine. It involves simple to complex body postures and is known to rejuvenate the internal organs as well as the mind.


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Mandukasan Yoga For Diabetes :

Mandukasan literally means “frog pose”.

Method :

  •  It involves kneeling on the ground such that the toes touch the buttocks.
  • Place your hands on the lower stomach and bend down such that your nose touches the knees.

It places pressure on the pancreas and improves its function. Hence it is very useful in diabetes.

Halasan Yoga (Plough Pose) For Diabetes :

It improves pancreas’ function and immune system. It massages the  internal organs. Hence, it improves the functions of the pancreas.

Method : 

  • Lie on the back and place palms sideways and downwards.
  • Inhale as you lift your legs at 90 degrees making the use of abdominal muscles.
  • then sweep your legs over your head such that they are 180 degrees to the ground and the toes should touch the floor.
  • The floor should be perpendicular to the back.
  • Hold this position for sometime and let your body relax.


Ardha Matsyendrasan Yoga :

It focuses on pancreas, massaging all the organs of digestive tract as well.

Method :

  • Fold the right leg such that the heel of the right leg touches the knee of left leg
  • Place right hand at the back and twist your trunk and right palm flat on the ground
  • Place left hand close to right knee and hold the toe of right leg.
  • The head and shoulder should be twisted to the right and look towards your right shoulder.

Surya Namaskar For Diabetes :

Surya namaskar involves 10 poses. Doing surya namaskar everyday for 15 mins is very effective and is considered as a complete exercise. Moreover, it massages the entire body organs.

It has many poses. If you practice these yoga poses, you will get good effect. They are good for the entire body .

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