Dry Cracked Feet Heel : Easy and Natural Home Remedies and Treatment For Cracked Heels


What is Dry Cracked Feet Heels :

Cracked heels are a very common problem among people. About 20 percent of people in the U.S suffer from this problem. 

It is a cosmetic problem. 

However, when the fissures go deep inside the skin it produces a lot of pain while walking ,standing or when pressure is applied on the heels. 

This dry cracked heel is curable and can  be managed by home remedies too.


Wrinkled Soles Feet Foot Fetish | Dry cracked heel


What Causes Dry Cracked Feet Heels?

Dry cracked skin can be caused by a number of conditions. There are some skin conditions which can cause cracked heels. Some of these are :

  • Dry Skin 
  • Juvenile Plantar Dermatosis
  • Psoriasis
  • Keratoderma
  • Major disorders such as diabetes and hypothyroidism


A dry thickened skin forms around the heel. This is the first step towards dry cracked heel. When you walk or apply pressure  on the heel, the skin expands sideways . This leads to splitting or cracking of the skin.


There are Some Factors Which can Worsen Cracking of Skin. These are :


  • Obesity
  • Standing for a long time.
  • Shoes or sandals that are open at the back of the heel. So, the feet gets minimum support from the flat pad under the food.


These cracked heels start with minor conditions. But, they can worsen overtime if neglected. Especially for people suffering from diabetes  or other neuropathic damage . They might lead to diabetic ulcers.

Wrinkled Soles Feet Foot | Dry Cracked Heel


Signs and Symptoms of  Dry Cracked Feet Heel :

The condition starts with formation of  dry , hard ,thick skin around the rim of the heel. This is called as the callus. 

Together with this there is also discoloration of the skin of the heel. 

It is yellow or dark brown in color. 

Subsequently , cracks appear on the heel. 

These cracks  or fissures become deeper with prolonged standing or walking. 

In worse cases, cracks go so deep that the heel bleeds and pains every time you stand or walk.

Sometimes , these dry cracked heels may catch up infection and cause a disease called Cellulitis.

Dry cracked heels are a major concern particularly for diabetic people with neuropathic damage . As a result they will lead to diabetic foot ulcers.


Home Remedies and Treatment for Dry Cracked Feet Heel :

Dry cracked heels can effectively be managed at home. It is beneficial if the symptoms are known in the initial phases itself. This is because treating cracked heals  in the later stages is quite painful.


These Home Remedies and Treatment are Easy, Natural and Hassle Free :


Salt, Glycerin and Rosewater for Dry Cracked Feet Heel :

Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties. They help in relieving you from dry irritated skin. 

Glycerin helps retain moisture in the skin. Hence, prevents further aggravation of dry skin. 

These agents are easily available at home and help in keeping the dry cracked heel moisturized.


Steps to Make a Foot Mask For Dry Cracked Feet Heel :

  • Add one tbsp. of salt in 2 tbsp. of rosewater and 2tbsp of glyceride.
  • Soak your feet in this mask for 15mins.
  • Rub your feet with pumice stone to get rid of dry skin.
  • You can also keep this mixture on the foot overnight by wearing socks over it.



Soap Glycerin Cleaning


Banana Mask For Dry Cracked Feet Heel :

Banana is best food for moisturizer your dry skin. It locks in the moisture in the dry cracked heel. 

You should apply this mask on the feet and keep it for 15-30 mins. 

Rinse after 30 minutes. 

You can wear this mask on the foot on a daily basis.


Face Mask Skin Care 


Petroleum Jelly For dry Cracked Feet Heels :

Petroleum jelly is often used in the winters. 

It locks the moisture in the feet. 

It also prevents loss of moisture and keep your skin soft and hydrated. 

Apply it on your feet and rub it in. 

Wear socks to trap in the body heat and increase effectiveness.


Steps :

  • Soak your feet in warm water.
  • After 10-15 minutes take your feet out and rub it with a pumice stone for scrubbing. Pat dry your feet.
  • Apply Vaseline to the dry cracked heel .Wear socks over the Vaseline, it helps in keeping heel moisturized. Wash the socks in the morning.


Honey For Dry Cracked Feet Heels :

Honey is found easily at home. It is an antiseptic that helps heal dry cracked heel

Honey is also known for skin revitalizing properties. 

Soak your feet in mixture of honey and warm water and scrub away gently. 

Do this regularly for soft ,moisturized feet.


Honey, Syrup, Pouring, Sweet, Organic


Rice Flour For Dry Cracked Feet Heels :

Rice flour exfoliates the skin and mineralizes it. As a result it makes the skin satin smooth.


Steps to use rice flour as a home remedy :

  • Add 2tbsp of rice flour to i tsp honey and apple cider vinegar. It should be made into a thick paste.
  • Soak your feet in warm water. Then scrub the skin with this paste. 
  •  Use this rice scrub two times a week.


Grain, Field, Green, Detail, Growing,rice flawer,


Olive Oil For Dry Cracked Feet Heel :

Olive makes the skin of the cracked foot soft and smooth. However, you should be careful because it is not suitable for all skin types. 

Hence you should do a patch test for allergy or reaction before using in the food.

Massage this olive oil into the skin of the feet by rubbing action. Wear socks over it and keep it overnight.

It is very effective home remedy for cracked heels.


Olive Oil, Olives, Food, Oil, Natural


Sesame Oil For Dry Cracked Feet Heels :

Sesame oil is great for winters as it is known for its moisturizing properties. Moreover, it helps repairing skin barrier ,which is very crucial for treatment of cracked heel.

Apply sesame oil and rub it in the  dry cracked heel . Once it gets absorbed partially, put on socks and keep it on overnight.


Oil, Geranium, Leaves, Flowers

Coconut Oil For Dry Cracked Feet Heels :

Coconut oil is very good moisturizer. It penetrates deep into the layers of skin and hydrate it from within. 

Moreover, it has smothering effect from itching and irritation of dry cracked heel skin.

Apply a generous amount of oil on the dry cracked heel. Put on socks and keep overnight. It also has cleansing property.


Food, Coconut Oil, Fruit, Healthy


Baking Soda for Dry Cracked Feet Heel :

It removes dead skin cells. baking soda also has smoothening property.

Add baking soda to  half a bucket of warm water and soak your feet in it. Then rub your cracked heel with pumice stone. Wash with clean water. Do this as part of your foot care 2 times a day.


Baking Soda, Box, White, Powder, Sodium


Aloe Vera For Dry Cracked Feet Heel :

Aloe Vera soothes dry cracked skin. It also provides a cooling which treats irritation .

Use Aloe Vera in the following way :

After soaking your feet and patting it dry. Apply Aloe Vera gel generously on the dry cracked heel .


Aloe, Aloe Vera, Life, Bless You, Plant


Take away:

Dry cracked heel can be managed by these effective home remedies. 

However, if you are suffering from major illness like diabetes and neuropathic disorder, you should consult a dermatologist. 

This condition is not as severe at first but if kept untreated especially in diabetics , an infection may develop. It can be very painful at times.

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