Best Tips and Treatment to increase Memory Power and Study Concentration


How to Increase Memory Power and Concentration :

Are you forgetting everything gradually? Starting from your keys to your grocery list and sometimes the actions. Then you might have memory loss. Memory loss is common as we age. 

However, if you are too young to suffer from memory loss then you can practice some yoga and try some home remedies to increase your memory power.

As human beings, we are relying on memory extensively. So, if you think you are forgetting somethings often might leave you feeling irritated and agitated. Memory power is associated with the cognitive power of the brain and is pretty much uncontrollable.

As we cannot exactly figure out which area of the brain is responsible for making memories, so it is very hard to control memory loss or to cure it completely.

Although, we can ensure the fact that we can improve our memory by practicing some memory  exercises and eating some natural herbs essentially good for brain.

This article talks about the tips, herbs and yoga to increase memory and concentration.


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Tips to Increase Memory Power and Thinking Power :


Get Good Sleep to Increase Memory :

Sleep is very essential for proper working of your brain. Sleep refreshes your brain and gives it a jump start. 

Sleeping late and having lack of sleep often leads to many ailments with the brain. You should sleep for at least 7-8 hours per day as per doctor.


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Jogging or Running to Increase Memory :

Running or jogging increases the levels of serotonin, which is a happiness hormone. It is said to decrease stress hormones and in fact be very good for your brain. 

Moreover, when you exercise, you can improve the hand eye coordination and motor skills.


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Quit Multitasking in Work :

If you want to achieve concentration and increase memory, the you should avoid multi tasking. 

Our brain can focus on one thing at a time so skip multi tasking. 

You can observe this when you try to read book and converse at the same time. 

You can't properly do either one of the task, so you should not practice multitasking.


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Use Mnemonics :

Mnemonics are great to memorize anything faster. You require a little effort in the beginning. However, this is a great method to learn words, lists, concepts, etc.


You can do this by any one of the following techniques for memory :

  • Acronyms
  • Rhymes
  • Acrostics


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Get Organized in a Proper Manner :

Improper arrangement and making mess in your house or work place can subconsciously affect your thinking. De-cluttering things around in turn de-clutters your brain.


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Meditation for Increase Memory Power :

Meditation helps you organize your thoughts. It is best if you think you are loosing memory due to not thinking properly. 

Meditating delays cognitive degeneration. 

Hence it helps in combating neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's etc.


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Control your Eating Habits :

Try to eat a bit less than usual. Also include a lot of antioxidants into your diet. These foods include, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes etc. 

Instead of focusing on your calorie intake , you should focus more on the food that is fresh and raw like salads etc.


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Herbs to Increase Memory Power :

Ayurveda is a system o f medicine practice extensively in India. It is a personally tailored system of medicine. It focuses on different ways on balancing all the systems in the body. Hence, it helps you increase memory power.

  • Here are some factors that lead to decrease memory power:  Old age
  • Consumption of fast and junk food
  • Epigenetic and environmental factors
  • Alcohol
  • Social isolation
  • brain injury
  • cardiovascular problems
  • cerebrovascular problems

Now let's look at some herbs that help to improve memory power and concentration.


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Ashwagandha or Ginseng to Increase Memory Power :

Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng as long been used to increase memory power. It does so by having anti stress effect on the body. 


Some helpful effects for increase memory loss are :

  • Youthful state
  • Increase in mental health
  • low stress
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Anti inflammatory effect
  • Reduces cellular damage


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Turmeric for Increase a Memory Power :

Turmeric is  a go to remedy in every household. You can literally cure any type of ailment by using turmeric in your diet. 

It has an ingredient known as "Curcumin". Curcumin is an active agent of turmeric.

It improves the memory power by having antioxidant property, improves cognition function related with aging.

You can have turmeric in the form of tea.

Steps :

Add one tbsp. of turmeric to water and boil for at least 10 mins. 

Drink this mixture often throughout the day.


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Bacopa Monera to Increase Memory Power :

Bacopa monera or Brahmi is best to increase memory loss. It contains memory enhancing, analgesic, anti inflammatory, anti-pyretic, antiepileptic. 

Brahmi is great to increase memory power. It tends to repair damage to the neurons and hence improves cognitive function of the brain.

It is good for the brain and has shown to increase memory power by acting on the brain. You can get bacopa syrup in the market for memory enhancement.

However, it is also known to cause diarrhea, stomach upset and nausea.


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Shankhapushpi to Increase Memory Power :

Shankhapushpi is given in combination with Brahmi. Both the herbs are great to increase memory and brain functions. 

This is known as nervine topic which means that it helps to increase the function of nervous system.

Here are some benefits of Shankhapushpi :

  • Fights away insomnia
  • Useful in getting rid of depression.
  • Reduces stress and feeling of anxiety.

It has also shown to increase memory and grasping power, which makes you sharper.




Foods that Increase Memory and Concentration :


Vitamin C to Increase Memory Power :

Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits and Indian gooseberry. It helps to protect against age related brain shrinkage and impairment of the cognitive ability.

You can also vitamin C in blackcurrants, fish, mushrooms, peanuts, sesame, eggs etc.


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Nuts and Seeds to Increase Memory Power :

The walnuts were always said to be good for increasing memory power. Moreover, their shape also resembles two hemispheres of the human brain. 

The walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which increase brain function. 

Other nuts that are great for memory are Sunflower seeds which are rich in zinc and also almonds and almond oil which are great source of vitamin E.


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Berries to Increase Memory Power :

They are filled with antioxidants and help decrease age related memory decline.


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Green Vegetables For Increase Memory Power :

These vegetables are rich source of vitamins E,K and B9. Also green veggies are great for increasing the brain development and cognitive enhancement.


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Avocados for Increase Memory Power

Avocados have a rich in vitamin E with antioxidants. Avocados decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer, the disease associated with dementia.


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Tomatoes for Increase Memory Power :

Great source of lycopene which is an antioxidant, hence decrease the risk of developing brain related damage.


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Whole Grains For Increase Memory Power :

The whole grains are packed with nutrients and energy which help to increase the memory power and concentration of the brain.


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Fish for Increase Memory Power :

Fish is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and linolenic acids. They are having brain protective action. You can include the following fishes in your diet; salmon, mackerel, tuna and other locally available fishes.


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Yoga to Increase Memory and Concentration :


Seated Forward Bend Pose to Increase Memory Power :

It stretches your spine and helps release the gases. It brings pressure on the abdominal area. Hence, relieves stomach ache.

You can do this pose in the following way :

Sit on the floor with your back straight and legs straight ahead of you. 

Then bend forward so that your nose touches the knees. Stay in the seated forward pose for 5 mins.

Sarvangasana to Increase Memory Power :

It improves the blood supply to the thyroid are and relieves pain associated with piles.

Steps to do this pose :

Lie down on the floor, then gradually lift your lower abdomen and chest. Give support to your lower abdomen  with the help of your palms. Let the body be straight up and don't bend the knees.


Standing Forward Bend Pose to Increase Memory :

This pose calms down your nerves. This yoga pose calms you down .It stretches the muscles of the arms and hamstrings.

Steps :

Stand upright. Then take a deep breath and bend down. Bend down in such a way that your palms are flat on the ground. 

Keep this position for as long as you can and slowly exhale as you come back to standing upright.

Halasan (Plough Pose) to Increase Memory :

It improves pancreas’ function and immune system. It massages the  internal organs. Hence, it improves the functions of the pancreas.

Method :

Lie on the back and place palms sideways and downwards.

Inhale as you lift your legs at 90 degrees making the use of abdominal muscles.

then sweep your legs over your head such that they are 180 degrees to the ground and the toes should touch the floor.

The floor should be perpendicular to the back.

Hold this position for sometime and let your body relax.


Surya Namaskar to Increase Memory :

Surya namaskar involves 10 poses. Doing surya namaskar everyday for 15 mins is very effective and is considered as a complete exercise. 

Moreover, it massages the entire body organs.

It has many poses. If you practice these yoga poses, you will get good effect. This yoga poses are good for increase memory power.


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