How to Straighten Hair Effectively, Permently and Naturally at Home? Without Heat Overnight


How to Get Straight Hair Naturally at Home?

Hair straightening is a problem because so many young girls and boy set up new hair style but due to straighten hair problem they are not setting new hair style. 

Anyway, a significant number of us are really having wavy or wavy hair. So, we iron our hair on special occasions such as festivals, dates etc. But , what if we want straight hair everyday. Is there a natural way to straighten hair?

On the off chance that you iron your hair every day it prompts other hair issues. here is a best solution and treatment for permanent hair straightening. The problem it has is that it uses a lot of chemicals and damages the entire length of the hair. 

Moreover, you have to spend a fortune to do follow ups too . Which means to put more product in your hair. It might solve the purpose but it damages your hair for years. You can use natural products to straighten hair.


If you use a straightener and other harmful chemicals on your it will lead to the following side effects :


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Hair Straighten Dryness :

It will dry out your hair and causes fuzziness and split ends. This is because , heat from the straightener is very high. It makes your hair loose moisture when it comes in contact.


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Weakens Hair :

Straightening weakens your hair . The heat changes the texture of your hair and makes it weak.


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Hair Looses Shine :

If you straighten hair daily it will make your hair appear frizzy and dry. The hair looses its normal brilliance and shine. Especially, at the tips it appears to be very frizzy and unnatural.

The effects of hair straightening using an iron or chemical treatment in the parlor are not good for your hair's health.

So should girls with curly or wavy hair give up the idea of straightening. Well, apart from these chemical and heat treatments we can use some natural products for hair straightening.


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Effective Home Remedies and Treatment to Straighten Hair :

You can use straightener on your hair once in a blue moon ,on occasions .However, to achieve that straightened hair look daily you can follow these easy and natural home remedies. 

They will not only make your hair straight naturally , but also provide your hair with nourishment. This will make them look straight, shiny and healthy.

However, you should understand that the effect these have will not be as good as a straightener but they will help make your hair look healthier and straighter.


Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice For Hair Straighten :

Coconut milk and lemon are very good for your hair. The coconut milk moisturizes your hair and lemon cleans your scalp . It is natural way to straighten hair.

Procedure :

Mix 1/2 cup of coconut milk with 1 tbsp. of lemon juice. 

Keep this mixture in the refrigerator overnight. 

In the morning apply this mixture on the roots, tips and entire length of the hair. 

Keep this pack for 30 mins on your hair and wash thoroughly with a sulfate free shampoo.

Lemon juice straightens your hair. The lemon juice gives your hair a boost of vitamin C. 

You will notice your hair is much smoother, nourished and shiny after the first treatment itself. It is natural way to straighten hair. You can straighten hair at home.


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Hot Oil Treatment to Straighten Hair :

In India it is a very common practice to apply oil before hair wash. The oil provides hair with nutrients and prevents drying out of hair after shampoo. 

Certain oil like the castor oil have proven to increase hair density and nourish your scalp. When applied warm the oil reaches the roots and nourishes them effectively .

Procedure :

A night before hair wash, just comb your hair. Then warm 1tsp. of castor oil and coconut oil together.

Apply this mixture of warm oil on your hair and comb your hair thoroughly. 

Then 24 hours later wash your hair oil with shampoo.

Note :

  • Do not heat oil too much . The scalp is very sensitive, so don't apply hot oil . Let it cool down a little before applying if you feel it is too hot.
  • Massage the oil into your hair with your hands.
  • Do not apply excessive oil , as it may not get removed thoroughly after hair wash. Hair will become sticky and flat.


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Milk Spray For Straighten Hair :

Milk is excellent for hair. It nourishes the entire length of your hair . Milk contains proteins and fats which helps to get a nice, good looking , straighten hair.

How to use :

Wash your hair first. Then spray milk on your hair and keep it for 30 mins. Then rinse with cool water to wash away al the milk. Do not use shampoo again .

This mask controls frizz and straightens your hair.


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Eggs and Olive Oil For Straighten Hair :

Egg protein has now become very popular trend. There are various shampoo brands that advertise this  in their product. However, applying real eggs is more efficient. 

Olive oil acts against the hair frizz and conditions it. 

Egg proteins nourishes your hair from within.

Procedure :

Get 2 eggs and 3 tsp. of olive together until they are properly combined. 

Apply this to your hair and leave it on for 1 hr. or so for nourishment. Then wash away with shampoo.

Apply this mix once a week to straighten hair at home.


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Milk and Honey For Straighten Hair :

Milk and honey are excellent together . The milk as discussed before is full of proteins and fats. 

Moreover, honey  acts as an emollient, which means that it controls frizz. Hence this mix will you straighten your hair.

Procedure :

Mixture the cup of milk and 2 tip-sun honey. 

Then massage the hair with this mixture along the length and tips as well as the roots. 

Keep it on for 2 hours and wash with a mild shampoo.


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Rice Floor and Egg Mask to Straighten Hair :

Rice floor is relatively unpopular in western culture for hair treatment. 

However, rice floor cleans away the hair and scalp. 

Eggs as discussed above are very rich in proteins and help nourish hair effectively.

Procedure :

Mix eggs and rice flour together and add milk if the mixture is too thin. Apply this mix onto your hair 1 hour before hair wash. Use it to straighten hair at home.


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Banana and Papaya For Straighten Hair :

Banana and papaya are very effective moisturizers for hair and condition it. Apart from conditioning the hair , it improves tensile strength of the hair. 

It means that it prevents breakage and makes your hair softer and shinier and straighten hair.

How to use :

Take equal amount of  banana and papaya .Mash banana and papaya and then spread this mixture over your hair. 

Massage and keep for 1-2 hrs. After that , rinse your hair with cool water and mild shampoo.


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Aloe Vera to Straighten Hair :

Aloe Vera is enriched with vitamins . It has anti-dandruff property and it acts like an emollient. It moisturizes hair and keeps it clean free from frizz.

Procedure :

Take one aloe Vera leaf and get the gel out by peeling it. Or you can also use 2-3tbsp.  packed aloe Vera gel.

Apply aloe Vera throughout your hair and keep it for 20-30 minutes. Wash away the gel by using a sulfate free shampoo. Use it to straighten hair at home.


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Curd and Olive Oil to Straighten Hair :

Curd is anti dandruff.  yogurt Curd along with olive oil deeply nourishes your hair and keeps it frizz free. 

yogurt or curd contains proteins which nourishes the scalp. 

Use it as a mask 1 hour before hair wash.


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Apple Cider Vinegar For Straighten Hair :

Apple cider vinegar cleans out the scalp and  cuticles of you hair . It provides your hair with a healthy sheen. It is used to straighten hair by getting rid of any excessive dirt or scalp build up.

You can use apple cider vinegar by diluting it in water. 

Then apply this on the scalp and along the length of your hair. 

Massage this dilute Apple cider vinegar in a downward direction along the length of your hair. 

Apply Apple cider vinegar  after your hair wash for better conditioning.


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Conclusion :

Heat destroys your hair eventually making it look frizzy and unhealthy. 

They not only make it frizz free but also improve the health of your hair. 

However, they might not straighten hair completely, they will improve the health of your hair for occasional straightening. 

Moreover, frizzy hair will appear straighter with these home remedies.

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