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Do You Have Oily Skin?

Oily skin is very less talked about as compared to dry skin. Oily skin does not only make you look  greasy but it is also not good for acne . Acne are the major problems caused by oily skin. It is caused because skin secretes a lot of oil. This is known as sebum.

This article discusses about some of the easy and effective home remedies on oily skin. Get rid of oily skin and gain your confidence back.


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Causes of Oily Skin :

Oily is caused by increase in secretion of sebum by the oil glands known as sebaceous glands. These sebaceous glands are located behind the ear, on face, upper chest, back . 

These are the regions where acne most likely occurs. 

The oily sebaceous glands have cells known as sebocytes. They are responsible for regulating the amount of oil secreted. They disintegrate to secrete oil.  

This is the main cause . However, many factors in the body control the amount of  oil secreted by the sebaceous glands.


They Are :


Genetics For Oily Skin :

Genes regulate the overall function of the body . Hence , they also regulate the amount of oil secreted by the oil glands. 

If you have a mother or father who has oily skin

Then this is the reason you also have excess oil on skin. It is not in our control. 

However, we can take good care of the  skin from the teenage years to avoid further skin problems in the future.


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Climate Change in Environment :

Climate also influences the amount of sebum secreted by the oil glands. Humid climate is responsible for secretion oil. 

Hence, if you live in  humid places like seaside , then you re more likely to have oily skin than people living in dry climates.

Converse is also true for people in extremely dry regions. The sebaceous glands can overcompensate the need to secrete oil to moisturize the skin.


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Medication is Best Treatment For Skin Glowing :

If you are on birth control pills or any kind of hormonal replacement therapy then it leads to hormonal changes in the body. 

These hormonal changes or imbalance can lead to  increase in oil secretion on the face. 

Hence the face and back becomes extremely oily. 

Certain steroidal therapy also has the same effect on the body.


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Washing for More Times Than Necessary :

If you have greasy skin, you should was your face often. This is because the oil is not cleaned traps dirt and increases the chances of having acne. 

However, if you are washing more than necessary  with harsh face wash, soaps or scrubs will lead to oily skin

It trips off oil from the face. Hence, the oil glands secrete more oil to compensate the oil loss.


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Hormones Effects on Oily Face :

Hormones such as the androgens control the amount of oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. 

During puberty, pregnancy, just before menstruation and during menopause, there are a lot of hormonal changes in the body. 

This leads to excess oil secretion and increase in the chances of getting acne. 

You should know that , this is just temporary and does not mean that you will have excess oil al the time.


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Food Habits :

It is observed that if you eat a lot sugary foods you are more prone to oily skin

If this is the cause , you can easily get rid of greasy skin by reducing sugary, refined carbohydrates containing food and increasing the amount of fresh ,watery fruits in your diet.


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Home Remedies and Treatment for Oily Skin :

You can get rid of oily skin at home without the need of expensive cosmetic treatments. Your skin is very sensitive so you should be careful of what treatment you subject it to. 

Although, we all need good skin fast , we shouldn't risk damage of the skin by subjecting it to harmful treatments . Go for natural remedies instead.

Here are some effective remedies and some herbs that will help your skin become oil free but also hydrated and moisturized :


Wash Your Face Regularly to Glow Fair Skin :

You should wash your face at least two times everyday for getting rid of oil. Whenever, you come back home , wash your face immediately. 

This is because the oil traps in dust and dirt. 

Apart from that , not washing your face will lead to accumulation of oil on your face, which will make your skin oily. 

However, you should avoid washing with hard soaps or detergent containing face wash. 

They strip out all the oil from face. This makes oil glands to overcompensate to produce excess oil.


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Blotting Paper for Oily Skin :

Blotting paper is very cheap and easily available . You can blot excess oil from the face . This helps your oil glands to halt the oil secretion and also makes your face look oil free and beautiful.

Used this papers at least one time in day.


Honey for Oily Skin :

Honey is easily available and has a number benefits for the skin. It is antibacterial and antiseptic on the skin and reduces the amount of acne on the skin. 

It acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin and soothes it . Honey does not make the skin oily but makes it moist, clean and smooth.

You can use honey directly on the face. 

Keep it on the face for 10 minutes and let it dry out. 

Then wash off completely without leaving any residue. 

You will notice your skin has become moist and smooth and most importantly oil free but moisturized.

Honey acts as natural best moisturizer for oily skin.


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Fuller's Earth for Oily Skin :

Fuller's earth has the following benefits for skin :

  • Helps fight acne.
  • Removes sebum and oil off the skin.
  • Cleanses your face and removes dirt and impurities from the skin.

Fuller's earth cleans away excess oil and dirt off the skin. This the best remedy for getting rid off oil. It also has skin lightening effect. this leaves is used fr your skin is oil free clean and glowing looking.

You can use fuller's earth as a face mask for oily skin.


Oat Meal for Oily Skin :

Oat meal is natural scrub for your skin. You can use oatmeal in the following way :

Take 1/2 tbsp. of oatmeal and add a bit of honey to form a paste and then apply this mixture on your face. 

Keep it on or you can scrub for 2 mins and then wash away with warm water. 

You can also keep this mixture on your face for 15 mins  and then wash with lukewarm water.


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Eggs and Lemons for Oily Skin :

You can use eggs on your face as egg whites and then add a little bit of lemon juice. 

Egg whites are great for greasy skin. 

Lemons are found to be anti-bacterial in action. 

So this can be used on face, it absorbs oil. 

You can use this face  mask for oily skin  in the following way :

Take 1 egg white and add to it some lemon juice. 

Mix the entire mixture thoroughly and then apply on the face evenly. 

Let it dry for 20mins and then wash away or peel off.


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Almonds for Oily Skin :

Almonds are filled with vitamin E . It is very good for greasy skin . Almonds are shown to have oil absorbing property and keeps your skin healthy too.

You can use almonds in the form of a scrub . Just grind some almonds coarsely and add honey in them. 

Then apply this scrub on the face and scrub it in circles. Once you feel enough then wash away with warm water.

You should make sure that your moisturize the skin after scrubbing with light water based moisturizer.


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Aloe Vera Face Mask for Oily Skin :

Aloe Vera gel is excellent for excess oil on the  skin . It has skin refreshing and rejuvenating properties. It contains skin friendly vitamins. Aloe Vera is also soothing on your skin.

You can use Aloe Vera mask in the following way :

Take a tbsp. of aloe gel and then rub it in your face. 

Massage your face and then just let it be on your face. 

Keep this aloe gel on your face overnight and then wash away in the morning.


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Tomatoes For Oily Skin :

Tomatoes are filled with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is known for its property of improving acne condition and reduces oil on the face.

You can use tomatoes in the following way for greasy skin :

Take 1tbsp. of tomato pulp and add a bit of sugar. 

Scrub it on your face and then leave it as a mask for 5 minutes . 

Wash the tomatoes pack with water. this is best mask for remove oily face skin.


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Jojoba Oil For Oily Skin :

You might be wondering how can oil help to fight oily skin. However, jojoba has been found effective in reducing skin lesions and acne on the face as per a 2012 study.

The logic behind this is that jojoba oil makes the sebaceous glands think that there is enough oil. In short, the sebaceous glands are tricked in producing low oil . 

Therefore, you get rid of oily skin with jojoba oil.


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What Does Not Cause Oily Skin?

There are so many misconceptions as to what causes oily skin . Moreover , they are also used in advertised wrongly. Here are some such  causes which are actually not causes of greasy skin.


Oily Food :

There is no connection between eating oily food and having greasy skin. It was studied by researchers and concluded that oily food and chocolate are no way related to excess oil production on your face. 

So, don't worry  and enjoy chocolates and fried food with all your heart . 

It will not increase oil production on the face.


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A Lot of Moisturizer in Oily Skin :

It is a misconception that applying moisturizer will increase the oil production from the sebaceous glands. 

You should understand that moisturizing your skin is very essential even if it is oily in nature. 

If you skip on moisturizing, your skin will become dry and then your skin will work extra hard to produce oil. 

This will eventually increase oily on your face and give you oily skin instead.


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Sunscreen For Oily Skin :

Sunscreens are always assumed to give a shiny, oily appearance on the skin. However, there are wide array of products for oily skin to protect from U.V radiation.


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Conclusion :

You can easily control the oily appearance and excess oil on the face by using some of the home remedies. They are easily available and very effective for  greasy skin. If you can control the causes and let go some of the misconceptions , you can achieve flawless oil free skin.

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