Easy And Fast Home Remedies and Treatment For Weight Loss | Fat Loss Diet Plan Treatment and Tips


What is Weight Loss and Fat Loss : 

We always wonder how we would look if we were a little slimmer and fitter ,right? But weight loss has always been such a great effort. This article focuses on loosing weight the natural way.  Here are some strategies for easy and fast weight loss.


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Easy Steps For  Efficient Weight Loss :


Eating Right in Right Quantity :

Eating less than desired amount can lead to starving and may lead to other side effects like headache, fatigue etc. 

Hence it is advice to eat in a sufficient amount just enough to make you full and satisfied with the meal. 

One should prefer eating more veggies, fruits and proteins and cut back on carbohydrates. 

Eating nuts or fruits to satisfy eating urges between big meals is found to ensure fast weight loss.


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Reducing the Amount of Carbohydrates in the Food :

People have always included a lot of carbohydrates in the diet throughout the ages and hence most of our traditional food consist of a lot of Carbohydrates as compared to proteins. 

Switching to more complex carbohydrates than the simpler ones may decrease weight drastically.


Complex Carbohydrates :

  • Fruits such as banana, apples
  • whole wheat bread
  • Broccoli
  • Oats                                                                                                                                                          

Bread Health Carbohydrates


Simple Carbohydrates :

  • cookies
  • coca cola
  • ice-cream
  • white bread etc.


Simple carbohydrates increase weight because they increase the insulin demand in the body . Insulin is important for regulation of fat metabolism. If the amount of insulin increases in the body it leads to deposition of fat and increases weight.

Complex carbohydrates are good source of energy and are filled with vitamins and minerals. Fiber present in them helps in digestion. Complex carbohydrates help in reducing weight.


Increase in Proteins intake :

Increasing proteins in the diet increases burning of calories by 80-100 calories per day. Moreover, eating a lot of proteins as compared to carbohydrates and fats decreases the hunger hormone. 

This means that little quantity of proteins may keep you full for hours. Hence increase in proteins consumption  is essential for weight loss.


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Super Foods For Fast Weight Loss :


Eggs For Weight Loss :

Eggs are super food when it comes to weight loss. They are rich in various amino acids ,proteins,vitamins and minerals. Adding eggs to the diet help you remain full for a long period. 

They increase  metabolism and are the  most healthy choice for weight loss.


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Beans for Weight Loss :

Beans such as lentils ,legumes  , kidney beans contain a lot of fiber and proteins.  Half cup of kidney beans contains 4 grams of healthy carbohydrate which increases weight loss.


String Bean Beans Assortment


 Oats For Weight Loss :

Oats are very high in fiber , they improve digestion. They reduce blood sugar level , reduce risk for heart disease and cancer . It is healthier to consume oatmeal than flavored oats. Flavored oats add up to 70 calories more than oatmeal.


Oats Oat Breakfast

Cruciferous Vegetables For Weight Loss :

Cruciferous vegetables include Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts , kale etc. 

These vegetables contain phytonutrients which have belly fat reducing property. 

It contains Vitamin B and folic acid along with other minerals.


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 Almonds For Weight Loss :

Almonds are under a bad reputation because they contain fats. 

But studies have shown that almonds are rich in vitamin E and provide just enough calories. 

It is a great mid day snack. 

They reduce the overall body mass index and develops lean muscle mass leading to reduction in belly fat .


Almonds Nuts Ripe


Olive Oil For Weight Loss :

Olive oil has a lots of unsaturated fatty acids. This means that it is good source of good fats which are good for the health of heart. It is the most healthy oil among the other oils.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 


Pumpkin Seeds For Weight Loss :

Pumpkin seeds are filled with immune boosting zinc. They contain 1.1 gram of fiber in 28gram of serving. It helps in digestion. They are satiable. They are efficient for weight reduction.


Pumpkin Seeds Kernels 



Leafy Greens For Weight Loss :

Leafy veggies include kale, spinach, swiss chards, fenugreek. 

They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they also provide a lot of fiber.

This prevents bloating. They are probably the best option for weight loss. 

Although , some people don't like them that much, they are very nutritious.


Leafy Vegetables & Leafy


Salmon For Weight Loss :

Salmon is very rich in protien, healthy fats and nutrients. 

It has a lot of iodine and is very good for thyroid function. 

Salmon is a best for omega 3 fatty acids. 

They help increase weight loss. 

In addition, there are fishes like mackerel, trout,sardines and herring which are rich in fatty acids.


Salmon Herbs Food


Chicken Breast and Red Meat For Weight Loss :

Red meat has always suffered criticism. However, it is good for weight loss and decreases risk of heart disease and diabetes. Although you should have freshly cut meat ,than processed meat. It is a weight loss food because it is high in proteins.

Studies show that when you increase protein content in the diet, it can cut cravings by 60% and also reduces the desire for late night snacking. They can contribute to weight loss by 0.45 kg per week.


Chicken Breast Food Ingredients


Boiled Potatoes For Weight Loss :

Boiled potatoes are always looked as weight gaining foods. However, having potatoes boiled can actually contribute to weight loss. 

This is because along with starch potatoes also contain a range of vitamins and have high potassium.

When tested for satiety index , potatoes ranked highest. 

This means that they make us feel full even when we have little of it. 

You should allow potatoes to cool after boiling. 

There is formation of resistant starch ,which has a lot of health benefits.


 Boiled Potato


Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss :

Apple cider vinegar is very important and good for weight loss. 

When it is taken with a carbohydrate meal, it increases feelings of fullness. 

Subsequently people eat 200-275 calories lesser. 

ACV also has blood sugar lowering property. It has various uses. 

Take 1-2 tbsp. of ACV and add to 1 glass of water. 

Drink this vinegar mixture every morning.


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Whole Grains For Weight Loss :

It is very common nowadays that fitness enthusiasts promote whole wheat bread as compared to traditional white bread. 

This is because , it is found that whole grains are loaded in fiber. 

Whole grains that lead to weight loss are: oats, quinoa and brown rice.


Whole Grains Corn


Chili Pepper For Weight Loss :

Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which reduces appetite and increases fat burning. However, it shows no effect on people who are accustomed to eating spicy food.


Chili Pepper Food

Chia Seeds For Weight Loss :

Chia seeds are very nutritious, as they 12 grams of carbohydrates per ounce.

However, out of these 12 grams 11 gm is fiber. 

This makes it low carb diet friendly.

Given the amount of fiber they contain , they cannot be skipped for weight loss.


Chia Seeds Super Food 


Coconut Oil For Weight Loss :

Coconut oil contains saturated fats which are healthy. It increases the number of calories burned and boost satiety.

One study showed that coconut oil burned belly fat which is incredible. Extra virgin olive oil is also one of the healthiest oil in the world.


Coconut Oil On Wooden Spoon


Best Yoga Tips For Easy Weight Loss :


Male Poses For Drawing Fighting

Plank Pose For Weight Loss :

Plank pose is very simple asana and involves the entire body. It strengthens the core and focuses on the the abdominal muscles.it is similar to plank position. It helps in reducing abdominal fat.


Triangle Pose For Weight Loss :

It is a lateral position. it helps in reducing the fat from waist and building more muscles in thighs and arms. It promotes digestion and helps reduce belly fat.


Downward Dog Pose For Weight Loss :

Downward dog pose tones your entire body with greater attention towards arms ,muscles and thighs. It helps in development of muscles on the arms ,thighs, back and hamstrings . It also improves circulation to the brain and increases focus and concentration.


Bow Pose For Weight Loss :

Bow pose is very efficient in reducing belly fat. It helps in improvement of posture as in this popse a lot of strain is on the back .It massages the entire abdominal organs hence improves their activity.


Sun Salution For Weight Loss :

Surya namaskar consists of  10 poses . It focuses on the entire body fat loss. It is advised to start with 5 suryanamaskar and gradually increase the count up to 21 or more. This pose tones muscles and trims fat on the waist. It improves the overall digestion and metabolism of the body.


Apart From These Are Some Simple Tips For Easy Weight Loss:


Choose Small  Plates instead of Big Plates :

The portion of food appears smaller in big plates. Hence , switching to smaller plates for unhealthy food will make  you feel that the plate is full . Therefore, this trick helps in  portion control  psychologically.


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Eat Slowly For Weight Loss :

Eating slowly helps your brain realize that enough food is eaten. 

This ensures less food intake and increase in the feeling of fullness. Studies show that slow eaters are fitter than fast eaters.


 Hunger Hungry Eating


Keep Unhealthy Foods Out of Sight :

When we see a bag of chips laying around ,we are tempted to eat it . Hence, we can reduce this temptation for unhealthy food by keeping them out of sight.

The brain forgets about these food and you have no temptation to eat them.


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Drink a Lot of Water For Weight Loss :

Water decreases the need for hunger . Hence , having half a liter of water 30mins before meal has shown to reduce intake of calorie. Studies show that people who drank water before meals had 44% more weight loss.


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Conclusion :

Weight loss need not be so exhausting as it is perceived. Inculcating these simple tips and yoga poses will increase weight loss to a greater aspect without loosing your mind over it.

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