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 What is Mean By Eyesight :

When we look around us we notice that most of the people are now wearing glasses . Due to shift of paper work to digital devices , there is increased strain on the eye. This causes many people to wear spectacles as they develop weak eyesight. Hence we always look for ways to improve eyesight.

Most people have farsightedness, which means that they are unable to see objects that are nearer  to them. The degree of farsightedness gives the ability of your eyes to focus.

Some people have nearsightedness, which means that you are unable to see far away objects.

While near sightedness is popular among young and the old, farsightedness is only seen in people older than 40 years.

Whenever you experience any kind of problems with  eyesight you should immediately consult with your doctor. If you ignore these issues it will lead to increase in the number of eyesight.


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Causes of Eyesight :


Nearsightedness :

Nearsightedness occurs when your eyeball is longer than than normal or you have steeply curved cornea. Instead of focus of the image on your cornea it focuses in front of the cornea.


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Farsightedness :

Farsightedness happens when your eyeball is more limited than the ordinary eyeball or cornea isn't pretty much as bended as should be expected.


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Complications Associated with Near Sightedness and Farsightedness :


Near sightedness is also known as myopia.


Complications Associated with Myopia Are :


High Myopia :

It is a condition in which the eye ball elongates more than it is supposed it. It may cause detached retina , cataracts, and glaucoma.


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Degenerative Myopia :

Degenerative myopia is very dangerous. It is inherited from the parents. In this condition detached retina , abnormal blood vessel growth in the eye and glaucoma and other complications.


Complications Associated with Farsightedness :

  • Crossed eyes
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Eye strain
  • Impaired safety: You compromise your own safety and others too .


Home Remedies and Treatment to Improve Eyesight Issues :

We are always wondering as to how to improve  eyesight naturally without any  procedures or surgeries?

We try so many different medicines. However , we always end up wearing spectacles. Although spectacles have been a part of our daily routine , we really want to get rid of them. 

It may not be possible entirely . However, while we suffer from myopia and farsightedness we can follow some tips and use some simple home remedies for eye care.


We can improve our vision and care for our eyes using these simple home remedies :


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Gingko Biloba For Eyesight :

Gingko biloba is found in India . This herb is an ayurvedic remedy for improving eyesight naturally. Moreover, it also protects the eyes from glaucoma and macular degeneration.  It is available throughout India.

You can have gingko biloba in the form of a tablet orally . It shows improvement in eyesight of diabetics too.

However , before taking this herb you should consult your doctor as it interacts with medications.


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Almonds For Eyesight :

almonds have a vitamin E and lots of folic acid to increase eyesight. They improve your eyesight naturally. Moreover, they also help in improving your memory too.

How to use :

You can have almonds as it is  or soak almonds overnight and have them in the morning.

You can also prepare almond paste and add it to the milk . Drink this everyday.


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Fennel's For Eyesight :

In ancient Rome, fennel was known as the 'herb for sight' because they contain volatile oils. Moreover, they improve your eyesight by slowing down cataract development .

Fennel's promote healthier eyes. The bigger variety has vision improving properties.

You can have fennel as follows :

Mix fennel , almonds and sugar together. grind them to make powder.

Have this powder one spoon everyday as it is or with milk.

Repeat this process  for 40 days and you will observe healthier eyesight.


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Wild Asparagus For Eyesight :

In ancient Indian medicine asparagus is used. It improves health of the eyes . Moreover, it increases the life of your eyes.

How to use :

Mix asparagus powder with honey and drink this with warm cow milk. Repeat this for at least 60 days.


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Gooseberry For Eyesight :

Indian gooseberry contains a lot of vitamin C and is not destroyed with processing. Moreover, it is packed with nutrients and antioxidants which can improve your eyesight.

Vitamin C improves function of the retina and makes capillaries healthy .

How to use :

Mix 2 tbsp. of gooseberry juice in 1 glass of water. Drink this two times a day , in the morning and in the evening.


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Include All Vitamins in the Diet :

Vitamins  for eyesight are A, C and E along with minerals like zinc contain antioxidants. This will help from getting macular damage in the future.


Include these vitamin rich food in your diet :

  • Carrots
  • Red Peppers 
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Strawberries or any Berries
  • Sweet Potato
  • Citrus Fruits.
  • Moreover, you should also include foods which contain omega 3 fatty acids.


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Effectively Manage Chronic Conditions :

In addition to diabetes, there are other conditions too that cause damage to the eyes. They are high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis. These conditions cause inflammation in the whole body. So, they also affect the eyes.

Multiple sclerosis causes inflammation of optic nerve and sometimes causes vision loss.  Although there is no treatment for sclerosis , vitamin rich diet and eye exercises can help.


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The 20-20 Rule :

Follow this rule to reduce strain on your eyes.

After every 20 minutes stare away from your computer screen and look at an object 20 feet apart for 20 seconds.

Doing this will reduce strain on your eyes and number of eyes will not increase. Hence, improve your eyesight.


Keep Your Eyes, Spectacles and Lenses Clean :

Your eyes are the most delicate organ of the body . They are easily susceptible to germs and contract infections.

Hence, it is super important to keep your spectacles and lenses clean. Especially lenses, because they come in contact with the membrane of the eye. It is compulsory to disinfect and clean the lenses every time before use.


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Yoga for Eyes :


Palming Yoga For Eyes :

Sit quietly with closed eyes.

Rub the palms of your hands vigorously so that they become warm.

Then gently place them on the eyes.

Feel the warmth of the hands taken up by the eyes. Relax the eye muscles.

When the palms cool , repeat the same process again.

This exercise will help in eyestrain relief and improve your eye sight.


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Blinking Eyes :

When you sit in front of a computer , you forget to blink. This makes your eyes dry. Try blinking rapidly for 10 times followed by 20 seconds of closing of eyes. Repeat this exercise for 5 times.


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Sideways Viewing :

Sit on the floor with legs straight in front of the upper body.

Lift your arms up with fists closed .

Then focus on one point on your eye level.

Keep your head straight and shift your eyes in the following way:

Space between the eyebrows then to the left thumb. Come back to space between the eyebrows then look at the right thumb. Repeat this 20 times .

During this exercise, you should breathe normally. You have to exhale when you look at the side and inhale when you focus on the center.


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Rotational Viewing :

Sit straight in upright position. Place left palm on the knee. 

Place the right hand as a fist on the right knee and keep elbows straight. 

Point thumb in the upward direction and rotate. 

Look at the thumb and follow its movement with your eyes. 

Repeat this for 5mins in clockwise and anticlockwise. 

Then close your eyes and rest.


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Up and Down Viewing :

Sit straight in upright position. Place fists of both the hands on the knees in such a way that thumbs point upwards. Focus your eyes on the thumbs. 

Gradually , take your right thumb upwards keeping the hand straight. Focus on the movement of right thumb and don't move your head. Then bring down the right thumb. Similarly , repeat for left thumb.

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Near and Distant Viewing :

Sit or stand and keep your hands sideways. Then focus your vision on the tip of the nose for 10 seconds. Then relax. Repeat this for 20 times. This exercise will improve your eyesight.


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Conclusion :

These foods along with yoga exercises will improve your eyesight naturally. Although, they cannot heal your eyes completely and reduce eye number, but they will stop worsening of the condition making your eyes healthier.

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