Bone Fracture Treatment : Symptoms, Causes, Homemade Remedies Treatment For Bone Fracture


What Do You Mean by Bone Fracture?

A bone fracture is a medical condition where the bone is broken at some points. The most common causes of bone fracture is due to accidents which involve high impact or stress on the bone.

However, bone fractures are also associated with medical conditions such as osteoporosis and cancer. It is most common in cases of brittle bones.

A break in the bone structure or a crack in the bone is known as a bone fracture.

A bone fracture can be closed or open fracture. When the fracture is caused and there is no injury ti the skin is known as closed fracture.

When the skin is injured along with the bones inside known as a closed or compound fracture.

You might think that bones are very easily broken but this is not the case. The bones are extremely strong and can bear high force of impact. However, as you grow older, the structure of the bone becomes weaker and minor injuries can lead to fractures.

In children the fractures are very easily healed. This is because their bones are very elastic and growing.


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Types of Bone Fracture :


Here are some types of bone fractures :

  • Avulsion fracture :

In this a muscle or ligaments get pulled and this leads to breaking of bone.

  • Comminuted fracture :

Due to high impact the bone is shattered to pieces.

  • Crush fracture :

It generally occurs in the bones that are slightly spongy like in the spine.

  • Dislocation :

This type of fracture occurs in the joints. The joints move fro their position causing islocation.

  • Greenstick fracture :

In this type the bone is broken at one end. However, the entire bone does not break  but it bends slightly. This type of fracture is only possible in children because they have elasticity in the bones.

  • Impacted fracture :

I this type one fragment of bone goes into another.

  • Intraarticular fracture :

In this type of fracture, the fracture of the bone extends to the joint.

  • Longitudinal fracture :

The bone breaks along the length .

  • Oblique fracture :

Bone breaks diagonally to the long axis.

  • Stress fracture :

 It occurs due to the regular practice and exercise the bone is impacted with strain and strain.

  • Torus fracture :

There is occurrence of bone deformation and the bone cracks.

  • Physiological fracture :

It occurs when you are already suffering with a medical condition such as osteoporosis etc.


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How to know if you have a Bone Fracture?

If you are suffering from any bone related medical conditions then you are prone to bone fractures more than a normal person.

If you have undergone an accident or suffered an impact on the bones, then you could be having a bone fracture if you notice these symptoms :

  • Pain in the area
  • Bruises on the area
  • Skin discoloration
  • The area can be bent in an unnatural way
  • You cannot move that area
  • In open fracture, you might be having a wound.

These are some of the signs you might notice when you have a bone fracture. If you notice any of these issues then you should consult a bone doctor.

The fractures are diagnosed by doing an X-ray scan or CT-scan . It could be a minor fracture such as a hairline fracture or it could be major fracture such as joint dislocation.


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Key Nutrients That Can Help Heal Bone Fracture :

The nutritional supplements are one way of including nutrients in your diet. However, you should consult your doctor before taking any of the supplements.

Here are nutrients you should include in your diet if you have a bone fracture


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Proteins for Bone Fracture :

Proteins make up the almost half of the bone structure. It is very essential to include proteins in your diet. Proteins help in repairing bone and building new bones in the areas of fracture.

Here are some protein rich foods that you can include in your diet such as milk, cheese, yogurt, nuts, seeds, soy products and fortified cereals.


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Calcium for Bone Fracture :   

Calcium is important vitamin bone. Its deficiency leads to weak bones. Hence you should include about 1000 to 1200 mg of calcium per day. You should include these calcium rich foods in the diet such as milk, yogurt, cheese, kale, soy, broccoli, almonds etc.


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Vitamin D is Very Important for Bone :

Vitamin D is a very useful as it helps in absorption of calcium in the body. For vitamin D you should stay in exposed to sunlight for at least 15 mins. 

Moreover, you can include these foods that help to balance out the vitamin D levels. 

For example, egg yolks, fatty fish, milk and orange juice.

The daily requirement of vitamin D is 600 IU in adults and 800 IU in people over 70.


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Vitamin C For Bone :

Collagen is a protein that is helpful for building of the bones . Vitamin C helps in bone generation as it facilitates collagen formation.

You can include these foods which can satisfy your body's need of vitamin C: Oranges, strawberries , blueberries, Guava, gooseberry etc.


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Foods You Should Avoid if you have Bone Fracture :


Caffeine containing drinks such as coffee and colas

Salt containing foods such as pickles, processed foods, packaged soups or any food with a taste maker, ketchups, soya sauce and any type of sauces.


 No Drink Alcohol


Foods for Bone Fracture :


Tuna For Bone :

Tuna is very rich in Vitamin D. Hence it helps in absorption of calcium in the body. It helps to improve the structure of the bone and helps speed up recovery in fracture.

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Dairy For Bone Fracture :

Diary food is rich in vitamin D, proteins and calcium. All the desired nutrients for bone health are present in dairy products.

However, you should not have processed cheese and butter as they contain a lot of salt in it. 

Milk and yogurt are excellent in dairy products and help in recovery of bones.


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Bell Peppers For Bone Fracture :

Bell peppers are very rich of vitamin C . Hence they help in collagen formation in the bone. It stimulates the cells that build bones and ensures faster recovery from bone fracture.


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Eggs For Bone Fracture :

When you have eggs in your diet, you are including a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Eggs are very rich in vitamin D, iron, magnesium, vitamin B and calcium . 

All of which is very good for bone's health and repair.

Hence you should include at least one egg everyday in your diet.


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Pumpkin Seeds For Bone Fracture :

Pumpkin seeds can be added on cakes and cookies. They add in taste and are really great source of vitamin D and magnesium. You can have these seeds as roasted in any salads or  soups.

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Salmon For Bone Fracture :

Salmon is very good source of vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids and protein. It helps in recovery of the bone by increasing collagen formation in the body and absorption of calcium.


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Nuts For Bone Fracture :

Nuts are filled with nutrition. They contain proteins, vitamin D and vitamin E. Nuts are great as snacks. 

If you have a habit of binge eating, then make sure you include nuts in your diet. They improve the health of your bones. 

Moreover, the healthy fats help you to recover from physical trauma in bone fracture.


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Soy Milk and its Products :

If you are vegan or lactose intolerant then soy milk and its products are a great source of calcium for your body. 

Although it contains 1/3rd of calcium than animal milk, it is very useful. 

You can make any thing like desserts, main dish or starters from soy milk. It is tasty and nutritious as a normal animal milk.


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Who are Prone to Bone Fractures?

Although, bone fractures are caused due to accidents, there are some people who have weaker bones. When you have weak bones or are at the risk of developing osteoporosis, you are more prone to bone fractures. This is because, minor injuries can lead to fractures.


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People at Risk of Having Bone Fractures are :

Frail people and the ones who are housebound


Menopause :

Estrogen has a protective effect on the bone. If you have reached your menopausal stage, then as you age your bones are going to become weaker and you might develop osteoporosis too. This is because in menopause the estrogen levels drop.


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Vegans :

Vegans rely on plant sources for vitamin D. The same amount of soy milk contains 1/3rd of calcium as compared to the same amount of cow or buffalo milk.

Hence, the need to eat more calcium based products generates. Vegans are hence more prone to weaker bones and fractures than a normal person.


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Excess of Vitamin A in the Diet :

Vitamin is a very important vitamin for the body's overall health. However, increase in vitamin A levels leads to risk of developing osteoporosis. This can thus make you more prone to bone fractures.

If you are eating liver everyday then you are at more chances of developing weaker bones and osteoporosis than a  person not eating liver.


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