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What is Reason For Hearing Loss and Hear Pain : 

Are you suffering hearing loss? Hearing loss can occur due to many reasons such as social, physical or physiological problems. It can be traumatic in a person and the person might lose interest in life. 

It is not very common in young people. However, if you are working in very loud environment or you are old, you will most likely develop hearing loss.

Before moving into types and causes lets understand how exactly can we hear. Our ear is of three parts, the outer ear, inner ear and the middle ear.


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The ear collects the sound waves around the person. 

Then the waves are travel through the auditory canal and reach the ear drum The ear drum is like a curtain. 

When sound waves fall on the eardrum, it vibrates in the same frequency. 

The vibrations travel to the three bones called ossicles. Then it reaches to the fluid in a snail like structure called as the cochlea. 

The cochlea contains a number of hair attached to them. 

These hair help to convert the vibrations to electric signals. These signals then travel to the brain.

The physiology of hearing is very complicated. 

However, these steps are well coordinated and take place in fraction of seconds.

There are various types of hearing loss and various reasons associated with it.


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Types and Causes of Hearing Loss :

There are mainly three types of hearing loss types :

Sensorineural Hearing Loss :

It is a permanent type of hear loss issue. In this type, the auditory canal or the cilia cells are damaged . 

These are hair like cells in the ear. This type of damage is caused due Meniere disease. In this type of hearing loss the loud and distinct sounds seem muffled and unclear.


This Type of Hearing Loss can be caused by these effects :


  • Birth defects of the ear
  • Aging process
  • Working in a loud environment like a foundry or construction site
  • head or skull injury
  • A non-cancerous tumor called as acoustic neuroma. Moreover, it grows on the the auditory nerve which connects the brain and the ear.
  • Infections such as mumps, measles, scarlet fever etc.
  • Ear toxicity due to medications available over the counter. The most common out of them are antibiotics belonging to class of aminoglycosides.



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Conductive Hearing Loss :

It happens when the sound cannot travel from the outer ear to the inner ear. So, you are able to hear distinct and loud sounds but are unable to hear soft and muffled sound. 

Surgical implants and antibiotics can help in treating of this kind of hearing loss. 

Hearing machine is used which directly  converts the


Conductive hearing loss is caused by :

  • Ear Infections
  • Allergic Condition
  • Swimmer's ear
  • Wax buildup inside the ear.


Mixed Hearing Loss :

In this kind of hearing loss sensorineural hear loss occurs along with conductive hearing loss. They both occur at the same time.


Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Hearing Problem :

The symptoms might be minor at first, but they can progress rapidly to permanent hearing loss. The symptoms are quite unnoticeable at the start. Hence if you notice these symptoms, you should contact your doctor and get your eye check up done :

  • Hearing loss that interferes your daily life
  • Hearing loss that does not go away
  • You can notice hearing loss in one ear but not in the other ear
  • Ringing in your ear
  • Ear pain or infection develops in the ear.
  • Numbness and headache
  • If you notice numbness, headache or weakness along with any of the following :
  • Chills and fever like condition
  • Rapid breathing
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Photosensitivity ( sensitivity to any kind of light)
  • Mental irritation.
  • Meningitis along with some hearing loss.


Hearing Loss Treatment :

  • Cochlear implants or hearing aids
  • Removal of blockage from the ear such as :
  1. Wax impaction in the ear
  2. Infection of the ear
  3. tumors on the auditory nerve
  4. Foreign objects that have stuck inside your ear
  • Treatment of certain ear abnormalities is not possible in cases such as :
  1. Stenosis or abnormally low ear canal                                   
  2. Thickening of bone around the auditory canal
  3. Otosclerosis : In this there is abnormal  growth around the stapes bones.
  4. Ossicular chain discontinuity
  • Hearing aids or machines


Natural Home Remedies and Treatment for Reversal of Hearing Loss and Hearing Problem :

Here are some natural remedies that help you reverse your problem of hear loss. However, you should not depend on these remedies alone. 

They are helpful in improving the damage to the ear and increasing the health of the ear. Therefore, if they are used along with conventional treatments, it is very useful.


Some Natural Home Remedies and Treatment For Hearing Loss include :


Ginger For Hearing Loss :

Ginger is excellent for reducing the inflammation associated with the ear infection. It also has properties to increase the overall health of the ear.

You can add ginger to your every day tea or beverages.

To make ginger tea :

Take 1 tbsp. of ginger grated and add to one to two cups of boiling water. 

Let it boil for about 10 mins. 

Have this tea twice everyday for its benefits


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Gingko Biloba For Hearing Loss :

Gingko is a herb which is available in the form of tablets. You can take this herb for reversal of hearing loss. 

It is found to be very effective in tinnitus which is ringing in the ear and any other noise related hear loss.


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Tea Tree Oil For Hearing Loss :

Tea tree oil is very beneficial for hearing loss. Following is best treatment for Hearing pain. 

You can use tea tree oil in this following way :

Take 3 drops of tea tree oil and 2tbsp. of olive oil and 1tsp. ACV. Mix it up together and heat it slightly. 

Poor warm mixture into your ears and let it sit for 5 mins.

Repeat this process at least 4 times per day for 2 days for great results.


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Antioxidants for Hearing Loss :

Foods that contain antioxidants or beta carotenes are good for the health of the ear.

Here are some examples of these foods :

Tomato, carrots, tangerines watermelon, eggplant, pumpkin, green peppers, kale etc.


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Cajeput Essential Oil For Hearing Loss :

Cajeput oil is one of the best remedy for hearing loss. You can use cajeput oil in the following way :

Put some drops of cajeput oil into your ear or massage with this oil in front and behind of your ears.


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Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D :

Vitamin B12 and vitamin D have shown to be effective in curing hearing loss issues. 

The vitamin B12 is proven to have benefit in healing of the nerves. 

Hence, it should be added in the diet for aiding the audio nerve damage. 

Vitamin D is also very useful for treating hearing issues. 

It can be found in foods such as tofu, paneer, salmon, eggs and milk.


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Table Salt For Hearing Loss :

Table salt is very essential for ear damage. 

You can use table salt in the following way :

Take 1-2 tbsp. of table salt and heat it for 4 mins in the microwave.

Then take a cotton cloth and spread salt on the surface of it.

Wrap the cotton cloth in the form of a poultice and keep it in your ear for a few minutes.

You will notice that your hearing improves with time.


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Onion For Hearing Loss :

Onion is one of the best remedies for hearing loss. You can place onions on your ear for treating middle ear infections. It works best in children. 

For treating infection related hearing issue , you can use onion in the following way :

Take 300gm of onions and macerate them with 1 liter of water. Drink this water one glass each at least 3 times every day.


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Garlic For Hearing Loss :

Garlic is one of the most used flavor in the kitchens around the world. You can use garlic drops for your ear. 

Follow these steps :

Take 100gm of garlic and macerate it with 400gm of alcohol wine. 

Take 1tsp. of this every day for relief from hearing issues.

Garlic is anti-inflammatory in action  and helps in treating the inflammation in the ears.


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Ear irrigation :

Hearing loss caused due to excessive wax buildup inside your ears can be treated with this method.

Ear irrigation kits are available easily online and in the drug stores. The wax in your ear can build up and cause haring problems . 

This wax can if not removed can lead to rigid wax in the ear.

If you do this method and your problem persists or worsens then contact the doctor immediately.


Rosemary and Pepper Oil For Ear Pain :

You can combine these oils with coconut oil and do a head massage or you can also use these oils in steam inhalation. 

Inhale the vapors  of rosemary and black pepper oil for relief from ear problems.


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Mustard For Hearing Problem :

Mustard oil has long been used for solving hearing issues.  

You can use mustard oil in the following way :

Mix the 1 tsp of mustard oil and garlic with add some clove. 

Heat the oil with the garlic clove. 

Then place the  garlic clove on your ears and let the oil drip inside your ear. 

The mustard oil and garlic will help ease the inflammation and pain due to infection inside the ears.


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