Best Treatment For Teeth Whitening | Homemade Remedies and Treatment For Teeth Whitening Pain


Teeth White and Strong Teeth :


Teeth whitening can help you get nice white teeth easily. However, it may not be affordable to go to dentist every time for many people . This article discusses the causes and some home treatments to get rid of yellow teeth.

Do you have yellow teeth? Is that stopping you from smiling often?

Your teeth has the outermost layer named as enamel. Discoloration of this layer leads to yellow teeth . This is not only good for the health of your teeth but it also affects your self confidence.


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Causes of Yellow Teeth Which Require Teeth Whitening :

Before we go to the home treatments for teeth whitening, let's look at some of the probable causes of yellow teeth.


Diet That Affects Teeth Whitening :

Your diet influences the whitening teeth. If you include certain foods such as red wine, tea and coffee in your diet, it leads to teeth discoloration. 

This is because these food contain tannins which affect the teeth enamel. The tannins get inside the enamel and cause yellowing of teeth.


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Smoking Affects on Teeth Whitening :

You might have observed people into smoking have discolored, yellow teeth. Even people consuming tobacco have this problem. 

The smoke makes your teeth yellow. However, smokers can get rid of this yellowness by just quitting.

If they follow good oral hygiene , then they would again good, white teeth again.  

Smoking and tobacco stains the teeth and hence the teeth appears to be yellow.


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Illness in Teeth :

Certain treatments cause teeth to get discolored. This discoloration in seen in patients undergoing chemotherapy for neck and head tumors. 

The drugs stain teeth yellow. Also , the drugs used in treatment of asthma and hypertension have shown to stain the teeth yellow.


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Poor Oral Hygiene :

Poor hygiene is effected on your teeth. It is important that you brush your teeth at the least twice daily. 

If the bacteria remain in the mouth for a long time , they damage the enamel leading to teeth discoloration. 

Even the people who maintain a very high level of hygiene and are continuously flossing and brushing also have a problem of yellow teeth.


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Fluoride :

Fluoride is important as it keeps the enamel health intact. However, excess fluoride can cause teeth yellowness.

Therefore, avoid excess fluoride treatments as they will cause yellowness of the teeth.

If you have identified the cause . You can consider some good teeth whitening products in the market. However ,  you can whiten your teeth more easily if you just consider some of the home remedies.


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Home Remedies and Treatment for Teeth Whitening :

You must have come across so many different products that can whiten your teeth. Although these products are effective they are not suggested for long term , as they contain a load of chemicals . In this case , you should switch to some of the home remedies for teeth whitening.


Baking Soda For Teeth Whitening :

Baking soda is a very useful ingredient in toothpaste. It has a  teeth whitening property. 

You can easily use baking soda for whitening of teeth by brushing your teeth with baking soda once or twice a week . It will remove stains from your teeth and kill bacteria.


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Fruits and Vegetables for Teeth Whitening :

Eating raw fruits and vegetables is considered to be a great treatment for teeth whitening. Certain fruits like strawberries and pineapples are most efficient in teeth whitening. 

Using baking soda and strawberry together and then brushing your teeth with it is the best home remedy for teeth whitening. This method is also adopted by many famous models and actors too.


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Avoid Foods Containing a Lot of Sugar :

Sugar is an invitation to the bacteria to come and attack the enamel of the teeth.  

When you do not brush thoroughly after having a sugary drink or dessert, the stays in your mouth.

Through the course of the day or night, the bacteria develop inside your mouth. 

They damage the enamel and cause teeth discoloration. 

Hence for teeth whitening you should avoid food with high sugar content.


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Floss and Brush Regularly :

Brush and floss your teeth regularly. Brushing twice a day improves the health of the teeth and avoids discoloration due to food. 

Flossing takes care of the food particles in the gaps in the teeth. 

If you do not brush and floss regularly , it can lead to formation of a layer of plaque over your teeth. 

This is a very hard coating and causes discoloration. 

During teeth whitening the enamel can also get removed with the plaque. 

This exposes the nerves within the teeth and causes sensitivity.


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Hydrogen Peroxide For White Teeth :

Hydrogen peroxide acts as a teeth bleaching agent. It also is responsible for killing the bacteria in the mouth. 

You can have hydrogen peroxide containing tooth paste for brushing. 

Moreover, you can use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash. However, make sure to dilute this with water before using.


Oil Pulling For White Teeth :

This method of natural teeth whitening is very common in India . It is believed that the oil has whitening property. 

Oil pulling technique is done by applying oil to the teeth. It is also done keeping the oil in the mouth for a long time. 

The oil generally used is sunflower oil, but for the purpose of  whitening coconut oil is used.

Oil pulling removes bad bacteria in your mouth, coats the enamel  and decreases plaque buildup in the mouth . These effects of oil pulling contribute to  whitening.


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Turmeric Powder For Teeth Pain :

Turmeric powder has anti microbial property and removes stains off the teeth. 

It can be used by taking some turmeric powder on your brush and brush your teeth with it. 

Initially teeth will appear yellowish but if you gargle properly for more time then you will notice your teeth to be whiter than before.


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Charcoal Brush For Teeth Pain :

Charcoal is used in India for brushing teeth from the early times. Back then people knew very little about the reason behind its benefits. 

It was also used because its cheap and easily available. 

Charcoal powder removes stains and tough plaque from your teeth this helps in whitening of teeth.


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Lemon Juice and Baking Soda for Teeth Whitening :

We have seen above how baking soda  helps in teeth whitening. 

Lemon is a natural cleanser. 

Lemon is high in citric acid and is used because it has stain removing properties.

Just mix a pinch of baking soda with lemon juice and apply it on the teeth by brushing. 

The baking soda stays for a longer time n the teeth and lemon juice acts as a stain remover.


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Apple Cider Vinegar For Teeth Whitening :

Apple cider vinegar is very effective for whitening of teeth. Apply Apple cider vinegar on your mouth and then brush with it. 

This apple cider vinegar will remove stains from your teeth. 

Acetic acid is important as it breaks  down the plaque and cleans away hard stains on your teeth. 

Hence it helps in teeth whitening at home.


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Salt with Baking Soda For Teeth Whitening :

Salt is used as cleaning agent from a very early time. This is because salt provides abrasion to remove plaque and mild stains from your teeth. 

When you combine a pinch of salt to baking soda, it mixes perfectly and gives additional benefit for  whitening.


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Milk Powder with Toothpaste For Teeth Pain :

Milk powder contains a lot of calcium. This calcium increases the health of the enamel. 

Moreover, milk powder also makes your teeth white and glossy. 

You can brush with milk powder along with tooth paste. 

It helps in maintain the dental health of the teeth.


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Lemon Juice For Teeth Whitening Pain :

Lemon juice contains citric acid, and it acts as a cleaning agent for the teeth.  

If you just rub the inside part of a squeezed lemon it can help. 

Combine lemon with some salt and rub it on the teeth. this lemon and salt the plaque. 

It is best and easy home remedy for natural teeth whitening.


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Orange Peel For Teeth Pain :

Rub orange peel on your teeth  back and forth. Orange has acidic property as it contains citric acid in it.

It cleans your teeth and makes them sparkling white. 

This will not decrease the plaque. 

However , it will provide cleaning action. 

Rub orange peel for 5 mins on your teeth.


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Conclusion :

Doing teeth whitening at the dentist regularly is a costly affair. Hence you can try out these home remedies for teeth whitening at home

They will not only make your teeth white but also help in keeping them healthy for a long time.

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